Revolving Television Design

When I bought The Counts Bros. Building it contained two freight elevators that were no longer functional. Actually, they might have been functional but I wasn’t brave enough to try them out. The first picture below shows the lifting platform, looking down the elevator shaft from the 2nd floor. We removed the shafts and rotting platforms.

However, the gearing and pulley wheel were still in great shape (not to mention GIGANTIC). In the pictures below you can see the them as found, and later removed.

We set out to find a creative way to use the elevator machinery in my residence. I suggested hanging it on the wall as art, but Appleseed had a better idea. A television and speakers would be mounted on a wall in the center of the loft, shown on the plans below. They designed the wall to rotate so that the TV can be viewed from the entertainment space, kitchen, dining area or office area.

The mechanism used to rotate the wall would be the elevator gears. In the conceptual drawing below you can see the television, speakers and receiver mounted on the wall. To the right of the Television the round gears are mounted on the fixed wall and connected to the TV wall with a belt drive that rotates the wall as the gears are turned.

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About Wade Smith

The Counts Bros. building on 2nd Avenue North in Birmingham, AL is a historic building built around 1917. El Barrio, an upscale Latin restaurant occupies the first floor. I've converted the upstairs into my loft, as well as self-storage units to serve the downtown loft dwellers and businesses.
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